Ride Or Die Collective

Welcome to Ride or Die Collective !
Discover the unusual story of a rugged project taken over by the community.


Back in August, BlockchainBikers project was born. A few months after the launch, original founders abandoned the project to the hands of the community with 75,000 USDC only. Access to contracts, website and social network was not given to the community. Some members found great potential in the original project and decided to take it over anyway.

After several months of work, almost everything has been rebuilt: new website, new socials and new contracts. Ride or Die Collective was born from determination of BlockchainBikers community members. This new project comes from a community effort to save a rugged project, most of those who contributed to relaunch have done it for free.

Our story is pretty unusual and that is something to be proud of. Saving a rugged project is not something easy, but we are definitely going to do this.
Join our collective and take part in the revival of an original project !